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This post contains step to extract current Oracle user name and schema name. Because tables and views are in the same namespace, a table and a view in the same schema cannot have the same name. However, tables and indexes are in different namespaces. Therefore, a table and an index in the same schema can have the same name. Each schema in the database has its own namespaces for the objects it contains. This means, for example, that two tables in different schemas. Shows the current page number. RECYC[LEBIN] [original_name] Shows objects in the recycle bin that can be reverted with the FLASHBACK BEFORE DROP command. You do not need to remember column names, or interpret the less readable output from the query: SELECT FROM USER_RECYCLEBIN The query returns four columns displayed in the following order. When you create an object in Oracle, and do not specify a schema object prefix, is there a name for that default schema? I see in Oracle SQL Developer, that a newly created object shows up in the root object nodes when no prefix is specified, rather than the schema object nodes. >> Will give you list of all users but all users may not have created objects in it. So we cannot call them as schema. >> SQL> select distinct owner from dba_objects; >> Will give you the list of schemas available. Yes but image that someone creates an oracle user granting him the CREATE SESSION privilege. Let NewUser by the new user. Imaging.

Switching to a Different Schema. The following statement sets the schema of the current session to the schema name specified in the statement. ALTER SESSION SET CURRENT_SCHEMA = < schema name > In subsequent SQL statements, Oracle Database uses this schema name as the schema qualifier when the qualifier is omitted. In addition, the database. otherwise, oracle doesnot know how to get the hash value for the encrypted password. Internally, all dependancies should be referenced by user ID instead of user Name, just like not to update the PK. The password is the only thing i can imagine why oracle is not offerring renaming schema. Come on oracle, just a name change but we need this feature! If you omit schema, SHOW ERRORS assumes the object is located in your current schema. LINE/COL and ERROR have default widths of 8 and 65, respectively. You can use the COLUMN command to alter the default widths. Get list of all tables in Oracle? Ask Question Asked 11. show tables from schema ----- select table_name "TABLES" from user_tables You don't have to define this alias as it comes by default under SQLcl. If you want to list tables from a specific schema, using a new user-defined alias and passing schema name as a bind argument with only a set of columns being displayed, you may do so using.

Identifying Host Names and IP Addresses in SQL and PL/SQL; UTL_INADDR. The UTL_INADDR package was introduced in Oracle 8.1.6 to provide a means of retrieving host names and IP addresses of remote hosts from PL/SQL. The GET_HOST_ADDRESS function returns the IP address of the specified host name. There isn’t an “SQL list tables” command but you can query one of these three views to show tables in Oracle. Lastly, if you enjoy the information and career advice I’ve been providing, sign up to my newsletter below to stay up-to-date on my articles.

Oracle rename user schema owner tips Oracle Database Tips by Donald BurlesonJuly 7, 2015 Question: I need to re-name a schema owner user that has 100 tables and 150 indexes. I would like to know oracle schema name for my SAP system as I am working on modifying configuration settings from other application?For IDES having Sql Server as backend the schema name resulted as \"ec7\" for my SAP system but not sure on how I can g.

schema is a fancy name for user most of the time. A schema is really that collection of objects owned by a user as someone pointed out above oracle didn't do it -- all relational databases have this. 17.05.2007 · Hi, i need some help on oracle DB. i have oracle 8i DB. i use TOAD 7.0.56 version to connect to the DB and do operation on it. I have many schema in my database. I am looking for a table called "Mission". I dont know in which schema it belongs. is it possible to know in which schema.

Learn how to list all tables in Oracle. In this data tutorial, we’ll examine Oracle data dictionaries and the SQL commands to view tables owned by current us. Sie arbeiten mit Oracle-Datenbanken und möchten einen Benutzer umbenennen? Oder auch nur ein Benutzer-Schema mit allen darin enthaltenen Objekten wie Tabellen, Indizes, Prozeduren und Jobs kopieren? Leider bietet Oracle keinen Befehl wie copy schema oder copy user. Ein rename schema oder rename user gibt es auch nicht.

19.03.2013 · Hi, Do these steps: 1. create new schema 2. export old schema 3. import old schema to new schema 4. rename and recreate all objects in this new schema to use standard naming as new schema table1, new shema view1. Oracle / PLSQL: Retrieve the name of the Oracle instance currently connected to. Question: How can I get the name of the Oracle database instance that I'm connected to through a SQL statement? Answer: You can retrieve the instance name using the sys_context function. To retrieve the Oracle instance name, you execute the following SQL statement. In 11g, I use another way to check the Oracle schemas attached to the options. The view dba_registry contains a column schema and other_schemas where to indicate the relation between options and schemas. SQL> select comp_id, comp_name, schema, other_schemas from dba_registry; COMP_NAME SCHEMA OTHER_SCHEMAS.

Queries below list tables in A your schema and B a specific schema you have access to. Query. A. List of tables in YOUR schema. select object_name as table_name from user_objects where object_type = 'TABLE' order by object_name. Home >> FAQs/Tutorials >> Oracle Tutorials. Oracle Tutorials - Show All Tablespaces in the Current Database. By:Continued from previous topic. How To View Tablespaces in the Current Database?

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